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The Making Research Better website was started to help raise awareness of the clinical research going on in the North East and North Cumbria, England.


Our Aim

We are working to bridge the gap between people interested in clinical research and the organisations that run clinical trials in our region. We do this by publishing information about clinical trials, promoting the benefits of being involved in research and sending out a monthly newsletter of the latest clinical research developments in our region.

We feel strongly that the general public should be involved in the research carried out in our region. Public involvement makes clinical research more relevant and ensures it benefits the people it is meant to. Clinical research makes improvements to treatments and service delivery, which makes health care better for everyone.

Clinical Research in the UK

Our website is part of a greater overall structure of clinical research. At the top is the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which is the research arm of the NHS. Under the NIHR is the Clinical Research Network, which provides the framework for clinical research to happen in the UK. Making Research Better falls under the portfolio of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI), which works to involve the general public as much as possible in clinical research.

We also work collaboratively with the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN). Their goal is improve patient and population health outcomes by translating research into practice, and developing and implementing integrated health care services. This has come about because the UK Government has identified Life Sciences and Healthcare as important sectors to generate new economic growth as well as increasing the quality of care for patients within the NHS.

You can find out more about these on our “Partners” page.

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) North East and North Cumbria

PPI in our region is lead by Dr Chris Elliott, an Advanced Occupational therapist who completed her PhD in translational research at Newcastle School of Medicine. Chris studied under the Liver Theme of the Biomedical Research Centre at Newcastle’s Academic Quarter based at Newcastle General Hospital.

Chris has worked closely with a wide range of patient groups during her career and feels strongly that this partnership between health professionals, patients and the public is central to improving our NHS.