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Are you a Type I or Type II Diabetic and between 18 - 75 years of age? Find out more

Do you frequently experience symptoms of uncomfortable fullness following a meal?

Do you feel full after only a few bites of a meal?

Do you experience bloating/nausea/vomiting following a meal, or gastric/abdominal pain?

If so, you may have a condition known as diabetic gastroparesis and you may be eligible for a clinical research study testing the effectiveness of an investigational drug to treat diabetic gastroparesis.

Study participation for eligable volunteers will include the following:

  • 9 clinic visits spread out over approximately 4 months time
  • Daily dosing with study medication
  • Physical examinations
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Daily diary entries

What is the aim of this study?

Our region is currently taking part in a study for patients with a condition called Gastroparesis. In a healthy stomach, the muscles push food through the digestive system. Gastroparesis is when the stomach muscles fail to empty the stomach normally.  This condition can lead to difficulty with digestion and can cause symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Often people with diabetes are found to have gastroparesis.

This study is looking to see if a drug called RM-131 (Relamorelin) can help reduce the vomiting episodes and symptoms (like bloating, nausea, stomach pain and feeling full) in people with diabetic gastroparesis. RM-131 is given by a self-administered injection (similar to insulin injections) and improves the action of a natural hormone (Ghrelin) which is the hormone that drives stomach activity. In the studies conducted so far there have been no serious adverse events, but safety to the unborn foetus has not been established so women of childbearing potential are excluded from the study.

Trusts that are currently taking part:

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

South Tees NHS Foundation Trust

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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