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CapaCiTY (Chronic Constipation Treatment Pathway

The CapaCITY (Chronic Constipation Treatment Pathway) is aimed at answering important questions regarding the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic constipation. The main outcome is to inform the development of a definitive treatment pathway for this condition. More information can be found about the study here

What is the aim of CapaCiTY Study 1?

The main aim of CapaCiTY Study 1 is to compare two nurse led bowel retraining programmes. The study will look at how well the symptoms of chronic constipation improve with each. In addition, the cost effectiveness of both, to the NHS will be assessed, and the helpfulness of specialist tests in guiding treatment will also be studied

What is the aim of CapaCiTY Study 2?

The main aim of CapaCiTY Study 2 is to assess how effective anal irrigation therapy is in treating chronic constipation in people who have not been helped by nurse-led bowel retraining therapy, you can find out more about this here

What to expect as a research participant?

Once fully informed consent has been given a research participant may be involved in the following (these will vary depending on the type on study you are involved in);

  • Questionnaires
  • Physical examination (checking blood pressure, height, weight)
  • Follow up visits
  • Pharmacy visits (for clinical drug trials)
  • Laboratory samples (e.g. blood samples etc)

How to get involved?

If you would like to get involved in any gastroenterology studies or would like more information in general please contact one of our network team 0191 4041000 ext 2260 and 01325 743228

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